Designing a Sustainable Future

Your customers shop with sustainability in mind.

They seek out eco-friendly products and reuse and recycle plastics and paper whenever possible. They care about doing their part to build a sustainable future. And they want the companies they do business with to care, too.

We can help with that. At VIRA Insight, we design built environments sustainably, working with our customers to find solutions that work for their business and the environment.

Because we’re dedicated to reducing our own environmental footprint, we can help you deliver for your eco-conscious customers. We’ll collaborate with you to find solutions to all your infrastructure needs, ensuring that you meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing quality or affordability.

The More You Know

The more we know, the better we can do. At  At VIRA Insight, it all starts with gathering information. That’s why our sustainability efforts begin with detailed tracking of energy and utility costs.

We’re determined to contain and manage unnecessary energy usage. That’s why we implement energy-saving technology like motion-activated lights, which are installed across our entire facility. This and other common-sense measures help us save money and protect the environment.

Knowing exactly what we’re using and how we’re using it gives us the insight we need to meet our goal of reducing our overall carbon footprint by 2031.

Future Focused

Everything we do at VIRA Insight is focused on the future. We know that to thrive tomorrow, we need to conserve resources today. That’s why sustainability is central to the way we design, manufacture, and deliver for our customers.

Taking a long view requires a commitment to sustainability. It’s why we’re dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and reusing and recycling materials whenever possible.

Goodbye to Stryofoam

When it comes to sustainability, we’re covering all our bases. That’s why we’re in the process of continually assessing and reassessing our packaging materials. Because it’s not just about what we design and make. It’s also about how we deliver it.

As we evaluate packaging materials, we’re making it a point to eliminate styrofoam wherever possible. Many recyclers don’t accept Styrofoam, but we’ve taken the time to find one that does, ensuring that none of the styrofoam we use in packaging ends up in a dumpster.

This is just one example of the many ways we’re focused on reducing waste at every step along the process, from design and fabrication to delivery and installation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Why send something to the dumpster when you can reuse or recycle it?

At the heart of VIRA Insight’s Green Initiative is a robust recycling program. We constantly evaluate the way we use raw materials like wood, plastic, metal, and cardboard. By exploring new and innovative ways to reuse, recycle, and sell leftover materials, we’re getting closer to our goal of significantly reducing waste.