By Paul Hiebert, ADWEEK

VIRA Insight was featured in the recently released ADWEEK article that highlighted the dilemma of retailers as they contemplate locking up their merchandise. 

The Paul Hiebert piece first puts us in a situation most are familiar with, shopping for basic necessities that are readily available but just beyond reach, behind a locked case or other anti-theft device.  Then put yourself in the place of the retailers, struggling to keep shelves stocked due to retail theft and organized retail crime.

VIRA Insight is intimately aware of this struggle as we have partnered with many retailers in their loss prevention efforts. Our CEO, Jeff Jones, was able to provide insight on our experience in the space, noting that while locked up items contribute to a slight drop in sales, they do reduce theft.

When we’re creating these displays and locking product up behind glass, we are also thinking through how to best innovate in this space to protect and advance the consumer experience.  – Jeff Jones

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