VIRA Values: Building a Culture Connected by Care

In May 2021, VIRA leadership held a townhall meeting and introduced a new take on our organizational values.

These tenets not only define how we show up—for each other, for our customers, for our vendors and partners, and in the community at large—they also drive our business decisions, our operations, and our culture. They give focus to our vision and provide direction for our mission.


With our organization, our partners, and our clients aligned around our shared ideals, VIRA is poised to reshape the way brands and consumers engage. Working together, sharing our knowledge and insight, we can build real, meaningful connections that succeed.
We’re proud to share our values with you, and we look forward to bringing them to life in our work and relationships.


First, we are VIBRANT. We believe a healthy mindset fosters healthy interactions and a healthy work environment—and that all leads to a thriving, sustainable, profitable business. Healthy self, healthy workplace, healthy business. It’s all connected, and it starts within each of us.


We are INTENTIONAL. We think, speak, and act with purpose. When it comes to projects, we envision the results we want, anticipate challenges, make a plan, and move forward. Everyone at VIRA is empowered to make decisions. At the same time, we recognize that our choices have consequences. So, we consider their impact and choose thoughtfully.


We are RESPECTFUL. We recognize that everyone is on their own journey. So, we meet people wherever they are, and we treat them as we want to be treated.


Finally, we are AGILE. We’re always looking for a new way, a different way, or a better way to bring a client’s vision to life. We take time to understand a problem, gather information, explore possibilities, and test our ideas. We embrace the unknown, pivot quickly, and never settle.


These values are the starting point for everything we do—from partnering with clients to recruiting and recognition. When you engage with VIRA, you can expect us to live out these values every day, on every project, and with every interaction.