Electronics Deliver the latest in multi-channel retail with a custom electronic fixture or kiosk. Put product in the hands of customers and connect with them.

Connect with shoppers at a retail level integrating the web and retail. Follow the wants and needs of customers through interactive apps and in-store kiosks. Internet capable displays make it simple for businesses to make the most out of a shopper’s retail experience. It is always risky to place costly product samples in stores. Our security systems encourage customers to interact with your “live” products, while reassuring retailers with the latest anti-theft technology. Protect expensive electronics and valuable display items with our unique fixtures. Select a durable material that will withstand customer interaction and last through the seasons.

The capabilities of online shopping interactions are merging with the traditional retail environment. Stores all across the country are adopting new ways of integrating Bluetooth, customer service kiosks, and phone activated sensors with retail displays. The phenomenon of Omni-channel marketing provides a new basis for custom electronic display design. Custom electronic fixtures are now utilizing more features than ever before, including design for direct customer interaction. Product test models are still a very valuable feature of electronic displays. These products may be included in any custom design layout. Electronic fixtures are a solution for existing product models and highlight new, promotional electronics.